Marcellus Shale Update – 2.5.2018

People involved in the gas industry often rail against the media for their biased reporting.  Here in Philadelphia, we often feel the same way about how our sports fans are portrayed.  A great example is happening now if you check any of the media reports on the celebrations after last night’s Super Bowl.

I’m in my office in Center City right now. The City is fine. There were a few people who got out of hand, one car got overturned, a couple of hotel awnings got damaged, a Macy’s store window was smashed and some looting took place, but nothing major. As usual when it comes to stories of Philly and our fans, the media loves to blow it up way beyond what actually happened. Click here a more accurate story.

To the people of Boston, you played great and should be proud of your team.  Now you can regroup and try to figure out how you’re going to get the money to pay the Russians for your natural gas.

Questions? Let Dan know.

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